Buyer Forms

Buyer’s Cash Flow Analysis – Do you have a price in mind for your business? Then test its validity with this handy spreadsheet that measures the key returns buyer’s require in order to purchase your business.

Buyer Profile – The Buyer Profile allows us to get to know you better, thereby increasing the odds that we can get you in front of the right business for sale.

Confidentiality Agreement – If you are a Buyer, we will require that you download, sign and return our Confidentiality Agreement before we can discuss the details of any business we have listed for sale.

The following Guides and Forms are useful for not only informational purposes but also contain useful, practical tools that you can utilize in the business sales process. Contact us by email at or give us a call at (804) 355-2445 if you need assistance with any of these documents or forms.


Seller Forms

Business Marketing Checklist and Guide – The marketing of your business for sale should include much, much more than simply posting a description of your business on-line. Use this handy guide to identify different marketing channels that should be pursued in selling your business.

Quality Listing Analysis – Take the emotion out of selling  your business with this handy tool. Used in conjunction with the Seller Discretionary Income Form, this tool provides you with an objective roadmap to analyze if your business is saleable.

Seller’s Discretionary Income Form – Determining the economic value that your business provides to you is a key step in valuing your business and is a core area requiring strong supporting documentation.


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