Code of Conduct

When dealing with clients, Light & Raphael will:

  •  Pledge to protect and promote the best interests of the client,
  •  Perform all services with integrity, honesty, care, good faith and fair dealing,
  •  Seek to obtain reliable information,
  •  Maintain confidentiality of client’s proprietary information,
  •  Obtain terms and conditions of agreements in writing,
  •  Be willing to take the necessary steps to complete an assignment competently or decline the engagement.

Duties and Responsibilities 

Additionally Light & Raphael will always:

  •  Offer the client objective advice, opinions and recommendations,
  •  Advise the client to make full disclosure, where appropriate, to prospective buyers of all information  which may materially impact the transaction,
  •  Conduct all negotiations on behalf of the client in good faith,
  •  Keep the client informed of the status of all negotiations,
  •  Work with client’s other professional advisors to structure a transaction in the client’s best interest,
  •  Maintain a record of contacts with clients and customers,
  •  Keep informed of trends in the transfers of business ownership interests such as: marketing techniques, national and local economic conditions, technological developments, financing methods and market values.