Business Valuations

Light & Raphael offers valuations and opinions of value for most needs. We specialize in business valuations for small and mid-sized companies. We provide valuations for a range of purposes from establishing an asking price through the more complicated issues surrounding partnership and estate issues.

Light & Raphael will work with you to gather and package all the pertinent information for your valuation. We will develop the valuation by working with you and your accountant. It will assure a valuation for your business based on:

  • Rigorous asset-based, income-based, and market-based valuation methods
  • A database of business comparables at the national and local market level
  • A justification of the price for the buyer

What are the greatest benefits of independent business valuations?

In today’s market, many business owners still leave substantial money on the table when they sell their companies – most often because they do not truly understand their company’s value. For that reason, the business valuation process is a true asset to you, the business owner. A thorough, professionally prepared business valuation will assist you in:

  • Identifying the key value drivers, major strengths, and, more importantly, the major weaknesses of a company. Knowing these, you can solve both the obvious and hidden problems prior to beginning the selling process.
  • Determining a reasonable selling price. Many business owners rely on general rules of thumb, casual advice from friends, or calculations from their tax accountants. Values determined by general multiples or rules of thumb may be too high or too low. Unless you go through the business valuation process, you just won’t know the true value of your business. If your expectation of your business’s value is too high, it’s going to prolong the selling process until you make a price concession. If the price is too low, you’re going to leave money on the table.
  • Fully understanding the value of the business will give you an advantage during negotiations. In this market, one can expect buyers to be sophisticated and experienced. They will conduct a rigorous analysis of the company, even if you haven’t. They will look at those factors and value drivers that you and your advisors should be considering in valuing the company, and they will use that information against you in negotiations if you are not prepared.

Broker Opinion of Value
The Broker Opinion of Value is utilized to determine the approximate selling price of a business. The Opinion primarily uses discretionary cash flow multiples and comparable sales of like companies. The report is intended for asset sales only. The report assumes that the business will be sold free and clear of any liabilities and debt. This service is complimentary for potential sellers. 

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